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Cops Don't Cry: A Book of Help and Hope for Police Families PDF Download Free

Cops Don't Cry: A Book of Help and Hope for Police Families PDF Download Free

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Author: Vali Stone
ISBN: 0921165625 / 9780921165620 / 0921165625
Publisher: Creative Bound
Number Of Pages: 235
Published Date: 1999-06-01
Description: Policing is a consuming profession with incredibly high elements of stress. Research suggests that police divorce rates are more than double the national average of ordinary marriages. The spouse's fear of physical danger, adjusting to shift work, transfers and changes in the officers' personality are only a few of the contributing factors, but the most crucial problem is the breakdown of communication within the relationship. From the beginning of the officers' careers they are trained to control their emotions, and thus are accused of being cold-hearted. Spouses agree that law enforcement officers grapple with the real-life horrors on the job and that the bitter belief that 'cops don't cry' is sadly untrue.


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Cops Don't Cry: A Book of Help and Hope for Police Families Download Link

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Cops Don't Cry: A Book of Help and Hope for Police Families Ebook Download

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