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Dive In! PDF Download Free

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Author: April Jones Prince
ISBN: 1419705237 / 9781419705236 / 1419705237
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Number Of Pages: 14
Published Date: 2013-03-12
Description: It’s a busy day on the construction site, and these industrious mice are up to something big! But what are they working on? Bold, colorful illustrations and recognizable vehicles with moving parts add to the fun, with hidden clues for the careful observer. Is that red paint . . . or red sauce? Is that a construction pit . . . or a drain? Children will delight in guessing their way to the end, when the final spread reveals a carefully constructed surprise. It’s favorite vehicles meet lunchtime and bathtime in these novelty board books with interactive mechanisms.


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James Phillips

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Is this ok to print this ebook? thank you very much!!!!

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