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Sines of the Bizarre: Word Games of Puns and Homonyms PDF Download Free

Sines of the Bizarre: Word Games of Puns and Homonyms PDF Download Free

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Author: Dan Wolinsky
ISBN: 1482639009 / 9781482639001 / 1482639009
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Number Of Pages: 152
Published Date: 2013-07-16
Description: Sines of the Bizarre, a book of challenging and amusing word games, offers a novel approach in utilizing only puns & homonyms seen in commercial signs, the original signs of the bazaar. Enjoy two new word games,WHAT'S MY NAME? & MATCHMAKER! Each offers a different approach and each is suitable for individual or group play. Between these games are BRAIN BRAKES. They too represent a continuation of the use of puns & homonyms but here purely for amusement in actual & fictional ads & slogans.


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Sines of the Bizarre: Word Games of Puns and Homonyms Download Link

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Sines of the Bizarre: Word Games of Puns and Homonyms Ebook Download

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