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The God of Discord: and Other Weird Tales PDF Download Free

The God of Discord: and Other Weird Tales PDF Download Free

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Author: Steven E. Wedel
ISBN: 0692466770 / 9780692466773 / 0692466770
Publisher: MoonHowler Press
Number Of Pages: 158
Published Date: 2015-06-07
Description: 11 Tales of Terror The God of Discord – A man discovers the single eye of an ancient god watching from space, and soon realizes he’s been noticed. When the Lady of Byblos Calls – When this ancient goddess calls you home to the sea, there is no resisting her, even if you’re a Nebraska corn farmer. Lulu – The carnival fat lady needs a new caretaker. It’s a job with a very high turnover rate. Did someone say “turnoverâ€? Nocturnal Caress – He is ancient and he lurks under beds, waiting to satisfy his fetish whenever someone lets a stray foot dangle outside the blankets. Path of Pins – Times are hard and some men will do anything for a few bucks and a good fix. It’s good to ask questions first, though. Reunion – An Oklahoma church congregation works to assure that a lost lamb is ready for the Resurrection. Summer Offspring – Mutant rats created by flushing condoms down the toilets during a heat wave take to the streets. Wandering John – He’s on a mission from God, and he doesn’t like cats, which is a shame considering they follow him, eating the baby mice that form in his saliva. Warren Pepper’s Victory Choir -- A boy who meets the ghost of a Vietnam veteran who came home with some issues, and a very peculiar craving. A Drink from the Springs – In the Old West, a cattle drover goes looking for water along the Chisholm Trail and finds a mysterious woman living in a spring-fed lake. Grandpa Frost – Meteorites slam into the North Pole, shifting the Earth on its axis and awakening a creature that lives under the ice and feeds on warmth.


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The God of Discord: and Other Weird Tales Ebook Download

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