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Employee Training & Development PDF Download Free

Employee Training & Development PDF Download Free

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Author: Raymond Noe
ISBN: 0078112850 / 9780078112850 / 0078112850
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Number Of Pages: 576
Published Date: 2016-01-13
Description: Many companies now recognize that learning through training, development, and knowledge management helps employees strengthen or increase their skills in order to improve or make new products, generate new and innovative ideas, and provide high-quality customer service.  Thus, an emphasis on learning through training, development, and knowledge management is no longer in the category of “nice to doâ€â€•they are a “must do†if companies want to gain a competitive advantage and meet employees’ expectations.Based on the author’s extensive experience in teaching training and development courses to both graduate and undergraduate students, Employee Training and Development, Seventh Edition, retains the lively writing style, inspiring examples, and emphasis on new technology and strategic training from previous editions.


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