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Gay Romance MM: First Time Dragon Lust Straight to Gay, Shifter, Interracial) Paranormal Gay Alpha Male Romance) PDF Download Free

Gay Romance MM: First Time Dragon Lust Straight to Gay, Shifter, Interracial) Paranormal Gay Alpha Male Romance) PDF Download Free

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Author: Odin Nightshade
Publisher: Silk Sheets Publishing
Number Of Pages: 597
Published Date: 2016-09-26
Description: A dangerous first time that's scorching hot! Scott Chambers has just received a once in a lifetime opportunity—a brand new job at the government funded X-Tec, a biological research facility in Washington DC.The catch? X-Tec is run by his domineering father, and the thought of spending 12 hours a day under his critical eye is more than enough to put a damper on the good news.But, when Scott discovers that X-Tec is actually studying alien life forms in a secret, underground laboratory, his verbally abusive father becomes the least of his worries. And when he finds himself assigned to the most dangerous alien in their captivity—an inescapably sexy shape-shifting dragon—Scott begins to question a lot more than his chosen career path, including his very life on Earth.With an impending battle between dragon and man, Scott is forced to make one of the most difficult decisions of his life. But can he give up everything that he knows on a chance at love with a creature from another world?AUTHOR'S NOTE: This books contains mature language and explicit content, and is intended for audiences over 18 years of age.


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Gay Romance MM: First Time Dragon Lust Straight to Gay, Shifter, Interracial) Paranormal Gay Alpha Male Romance) Download Link

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Gay Romance MM: First Time Dragon Lust Straight to Gay, Shifter, Interracial) Paranormal Gay Alpha Male Romance) Ebook Download

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