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My Wicked Enemy My Immortal) PDF Download Free

My Wicked Enemy My Immortal) PDF Download Free

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Author: Carolyn Jewel
ISBN: 0446178233 / 9780446178235 / 0446178233
Publisher: Forever
Number Of Pages: 368
Published Date: 2008-08-01
Description: A desire that can't be controlled...Carson Philips is a witch on the run. For years, the notorious mage, Alvaro Magellan, has held her as his psychological prisoner. But once Carson gets a glimpse of the true extent of his evil, she flees Magellan's mansion--stealing a stone talisman of unimaginable power on the way. Her only hope for survival is a demon who ignites a voracious hunger in her she can't deny, a longing she can't resist... A hunger that can't be sated...Nikodemus is a warlord with a mission: Kill Magellan and his green-eyed witch at any cost. But when he meets the desperate Carson, the pull of her magic takes his breathe away. He's not sure he can trust this tantalizing woman--she is his enemy--and less sure he can keep his hands off her. But Magellan will stop at nothing to reclaim what belongs to him. Can Nikodemus stop him before his desire for Carson destroys them both?


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My Wicked Enemy My Immortal) Ebook Download

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