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The Learning About Myself LAMS) Program for at-Risk Parents: Learning from the Past--Changing the Future PDF Download Free

The Learning About Myself LAMS) Program for at-Risk Parents: Learning from the Past--Changing the Future PDF Download Free

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Author: Verna Rickard
ISBN: 0789004747 / 9780789004741 / 0789004747
Publisher: CRC Press
Number Of Pages: 194
Published Date: 1998-05-09
Description: The Learning About Myself LAMS) Program for At-Risk Parents: Learning About the Past--Changing the Future presents a basic, hands-on, weekly curriculum based on the concept of “Learning About Myself†that helps change participants’lives from hopeless and helpless to confident and self-assured. Social workers, counselors in public and private agencies, clinical psychologists, therapists, group leaders, and educators can use this book to help clients cope with life rather than be overwhelmed by life's problems. Participants of the program follow the second book in this set, The Learning About Myself LAMS) Handbook for Group Participants, to learn how to make better decisions, set goals, and live life by choice rather than by chance.The Learning About Myself LAMS) Program for At-Risk Parents is the result of author Verna Rickard's many years of casework in intensive home-based services to high-risk abusive and neglectful families. You'll find that it:defines self-esteem and explains how self-talk and choices shape your lifeexplains passive, aggressive, and assertive attitudes and presents them through role-playtells how to make friends and how to be a friend to othersexplores how childhood experiences influence your present self-imageshows why taking time for yourself is important to how you feel about your lifepresents basic skills for living and practices them through group activities, speakers, and gamesThe Learning About Myself LAMS) Program for At-Risk Parents is a complete blueprint for changing lives. It teaches basic skills and creates observable changes in appearance, confidence, and self-image. The book's language is simple to understand, and you can easily adapt the program to all ages and both sexes. LAMS can be used as an introduction to individual counseling or as the sole treatment method. The leader of this course does not need to be a therapist, only someone with a basic knowledge of social work or psychological concepts. Please also see the title The Learning About Myself LAMS) Program for At-Risk Parents: Handbook for Group Participants, the second book in this set. Therapists: Take 50 off the workbook price when ordering 5 or more copies!)If your agency has questions or would like in-person assistance in setting up or training facilitators for the LAMS program, contact Verna Rickard, BSW, LSW, in Fort Worth, Texas, by phone at 817) 246--9215.


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The Learning About Myself LAMS) Program for at-Risk Parents: Learning from the Past--Changing the Future Download Link

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The Learning About Myself LAMS) Program for at-Risk Parents: Learning from the Past--Changing the Future Ebook Download

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