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Family Genealogy Queries: YORK YOAKUM YOCUM Southern Genealogical Research) PDF Download Free

Family Genealogy Queries: YORK YOAKUM YOCUM Southern Genealogical Research) PDF Download Free

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Author: R. Stephen Smith
Publisher: N/A
Number Of Pages: 26
Published Date: 2013-08-21
Description: The family information in this book comes from a genealogy magazine published during the 1990s, now out of print. Contents of this brief volume include all queries from the magazine mentioning individuals or families surnamed YORK 16 queries total), YOAKUM or YOCUM or YOKUM 7 queries), YOUNG 2 queries), or YODER, YOAST, YOST or YOAKLEY 1 query each).The focus is on families in the southern United States.Genealogy queries such as these have long been a means for family researchers to share information. Although they were written by persons seeking information, the wealth of detail in them could prove valuable to you if you're working on the same names or lines.Typically, queries include information on births, deaths, marriages, children of a given couple, family migrations, etc. Some trace several generations of one family. Some even include colorful family stories passed down through the years!Note: If you aren't sure if the information in this book will be useful to your particular family research, why not borrow and read it for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription?Other surnames occurring incidentally in the queries reproduced in this volume include ALDRIDGE, ALLEN, ALLREDGE, ALRIDGE, ANDERSON, ANDREWS, ANTHONY, ARMSTRONG, ARTHUR, BACK, BAKER, BICKERSTAFF, BLAKE, BLALOCK, BLANKENSHIP, BRANDES, BRIGGS, BROOKS, BROOME, BROWN, CANOLE, CARTWRIGHT, CESTESON, CHADWICK, CHAFF, CHENEY, CHILDERS, COATS, COBB, COLLIER, COLLINS, COLVIN, COOPER, CORDELL, CORDERY, COX, CRESON, CRITHERS, CROWDER, DAVIS, DEDMAN, DOTERY, DOUGHTERY, DOWNEY, DOWNING, ELKINS, ETHERIDGE, FISHBACK, FISHER, FLETCHER, FOREHAND, FOX, GAMMEL, GANTT, GARDENER, GILLSEPIE, GILMANTON, GOINGS, GOINS, GORDON, GORDY, GRANADE, GRIMMETT, GUNTER, GUYMON, HALL, HAMILTON, HAMMOND, HARGIS, HAYNES, HAYS, HEDERICK, HEDRICK, HENDERSON, HENSON, HIGGS, HINTON, HIXON, HOCKERSMITH, HOLDEN, HOLEMAN, HOLMAN, HOPEWOOD, JACKSON, JAMES, JANES, JARVIS, JOHNSON, JONES, JULIAN, KELLEY, KENDRICK, KING, KINNOUL, KNAPP, KNELL, LANE, LITTLEBERRY, LITTLEBURY, LUNDY, MARTIN, MASON, MASSEY, MATNEY, McCLAIN, McCORD, McMURTY, McSPADDEN, McSWAIN, MILLER, MISKELLEY, MORGAN, MORRISON, MOSER, MUSGROVE, NEIGHBORS, NUTT, OWEN, OWENS, PACE, PACECOBB, PARRIS, PECKER, PEEK, PHILLIPS, PITTS, PLANT, POSEY, POST, PRESTON, PULLIM, RAY, REWARK, RHEA, RICHARDSON, ROGERS, ROSS, SAMPLE, SANDERSON, SCHRIMSHER, SCROGGS, SCRUGGS, SEMPLE, SHADRICK, SHAW, SHEPARD, SHORTRIDGE, SORRELS, SOWELLS, SPARKS, SPEER, SPIER, STEELMAN, STINE, STOCKMAN, STONE, STRAIN, SUMMERS, SUTTON, SWAFFORD, SWAIN, SWOPE, TALBERT, TAYLOR, TERRY, TIERY, TOOLE, TUGMAN, UNDERWOOD, VANN, WALKER, WALLER, WALLS, WATKINS, WATTS, WHITE, WILLIAMS, WILSON, WINFREY, WITT, WOOD, WORKS, WYRICK, and YARBROUGH.


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Family Genealogy Queries: YORK YOAKUM YOCUM Southern Genealogical Research) Download Link

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Family Genealogy Queries: YORK YOAKUM YOCUM Southern Genealogical Research) Ebook Download

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