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Plants That Heal PDF Download Free

Plants That Heal PDF Download Free

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Author: George D. Pamplona-Roger
ISBN: 0828026831 / 9780828026833 / 0828026831
Publisher: Review & Herald Publishing
Number Of Pages: 93
Published Date: 2012-09-01
Description: Before there were drugs, there was nature! Most people in the world get their medicine from field and forest. Now you can too, thanks to this treasury of valuable information about nature's pharmacy. Full of beautiful photographs, this book unlocks the secrets of the rich tradition of natural remedies-plants that heal the body and invigorate the mind. This collection includes information on how to harness the medical potential of plants while avoiding the dangers of toxicity. How to distill essences for aromatherapy. How to prepare herbal teas and fomentations. You will learn about special plants that benefit the eyes, nerves, mouth, throat, heart, arteries, veins, blood, lungs, stomach, liver, intestines, and skin. Plants that aid digestion. Plants that fight infection. Plants that fight obesity by increasing metabolism or deceasing hunger. The earth is a garden. Let it heal you.


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