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Less is More : 7 Effective Tips to Declutter and Simplify for More Fulfilling Life: How to keep your home clutter free, organized & simplified in 5 minutes a day) PDF Download Free

Less is More : 7 Effective Tips to Declutter and Simplify for More Fulfilling Life: How to keep your home clutter free, organized & simplified in 5 minutes a day) PDF Download Free

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Author: Kate Jenkins
ISBN: B01770Y00Q / N/A / N/A
Publisher: N/A
Number Of Pages: 34
Published Date: 2015-10-25
Description: Have you ever been late to work because you couldn't find your keys?Have you ever had to buy an item only to discover later you already had one at home?If you answered yes to the above questions, you most likely live in a cluttered home. There is nothing to be embarrassed about as it’s a common problem in today's fast-pace environment where we are constantly bombarded with new products. Very often we end up owning more than we need and fail to realize it until it gets out of control. Our home becomes disorganized, unpleasant and a stressful place that we face everyday. Worry no more !Less is More will walk you through your entire home and show you step-by-step how to start decluttering and organizing each room quickly and easily while stay motivated.Less is More is broken down into bite-size sections, to allow you the flexibility to choose which room to declutter, tidy up, simplify as your busy life permits, be it a commitment of 10 minutes or 1 hour. Less is More will even help you declutter, your workplace.Through a series of small changes, you will see your home transform right before your eyes into a well-organized, tidy and pleasant home where you can enjoy precious family time and the finer things in life. Inside, you will learn: •How to differentiate needs from wants. Spend less, Save space and save money.•Systematic and flexible ways to declutter, organize and tidy up based on own preference and timing. •Techniques to quickly decide on which stuff to Reuse, Resale, Recycle or Discard. •Step-by-step to speed cleaning, arranging and organizing stuff.•How to efficiently make use of storage to create space.•To build mindset and cultivate mini habits that prevent Re-Cluttering•And much, much more! Want to know more? Download and start to declutter,simplify and regain a your fulfilling life ! Simply Scroll up and click on the “Buy†button now.


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Less is More : 7 Effective Tips to Declutter and Simplify for More Fulfilling Life: How to keep your home clutter free, organized & simplified in 5 minutes a day) Download Link

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Less is More : 7 Effective Tips to Declutter and Simplify for More Fulfilling Life: How to keep your home clutter free, organized & simplified in 5 minutes a day) Ebook Download

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