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The Cosmic Ballgame PDF Download Free

The Cosmic Ballgame PDF Download Free

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Author: David Miller
ISBN: 0615542409 / 9780615542409 / 0615542409
Publisher: self
Number Of Pages: 88
Published Date: 2011-10-11
Description: Thousands of years ago, Mayan shaman/kings stole the heart of Blood Moon and the sacred count of days of Grandmother Time for use in their Cosmic Ballgame of Creation. The secrets of how these shaman/kings obtained and controlled the cycles of birth, life, death, rebirth, and the calendar lie hidden in the Popol Vuh, a sixteenth century text from Highland Guatemala. The lesson for us is that a Cosmic Ballgame of Creation also lies hidden within the symbols of baseball, football, and basketball. Like the aggressive ballgame mythology that served Mayan kings, our Cosmic Ballgames) of Creation serve an acquisitive, competitive, military culture. My hope is that the approaching completion of the current Mayan Long Count cycle around 21 December 2012 will afford us a unique opportunity to restore balance in the universal ballgame dance of life, death and rebirth -- for the benefit of all.


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