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SHIFTHappens: Shifting Your Mindset From Failure 2 Fruitful to Create The Lifestyle You Desire PDF Download Free

SHIFTHappens: Shifting Your Mindset From Failure 2 Fruitful to Create The Lifestyle You Desire PDF Download Free

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Author: Mrs. Veronique Link
ISBN: 1517415136 / 9781517415136 / 1517415136
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Number Of Pages: 48
Published Date: 2015-09-11
Description: SHIFTHappens: Shifting Your Mindset From Failure 2 Fruitful to Create the Lifestyle You Desire walks readers through how the author was able to overcome failures and disappointments to reach success. The book includes step by step activities that the reader can implement immediately to set themselves on the right path towards success.


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SHIFTHappens: Shifting Your Mindset From Failure 2 Fruitful to Create The Lifestyle You Desire Download Link

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SHIFTHappens: Shifting Your Mindset From Failure 2 Fruitful to Create The Lifestyle You Desire Ebook Download

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