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On Pilgrimage Ressourcement: Retrieval & Renewal in Catholic Thought) PDF Download Free

On Pilgrimage Ressourcement: Retrieval & Renewal in Catholic Thought) PDF Download Free

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Author: Mrs. Dorothy Day
ISBN: 0802846297 / 9780802846297 / 0802846297
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Number Of Pages: 268
Published Date: 1999-03-19
Description: These diary entries written by Dorothy Day in 1948 provide an intimate look into Day's personal life as well as essential background for understanding the Catholic Worker movement, which she founded. In this book, Day writes about all facets of her life. Yet whether describing her visits to her daughter's farm or the writings of the saints, a common theme emerges, namely, the gifts of God's love and our need to respond to them with personal and social transformation. The concerns of the Catholic Worker movement are no less vital in our day: the disenfranchised poor, the benefits of the meaningful work, the significance of family, the dangers of increasing commercialism and secularism, the decline of moral standards, and the importance of faith. Available for the first time since it was originally published, this edition includes a foreword by Michael O. Garvey and an introduction by Mark and Louise Zwick that gives an overview of Day's early life and her commitment to the Catholic worker movement.


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On Pilgrimage Ressourcement: Retrieval & Renewal in Catholic Thought) Download Link

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On Pilgrimage Ressourcement: Retrieval & Renewal in Catholic Thought) Ebook Download

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