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Pocket Guide to the ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities PDF Download Free

Pocket Guide to the ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities PDF Download Free

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Author: Evan Terry Associates
ISBN: 0471181374 / 9780471181378 / 0471181374
Publisher: Wiley
Number Of Pages: 144
Published Date: 1997-04-11
Description: Pocket Guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities Revised Edition This book is intended to help users understand the facilities requirements of the ADAAG. Incorporating all of the latest guideline amendments within a compact and easy-to-use format that contains no confusing abbreviations, this Revised Edition presents the technical building requirements for accessible elements and spaces in new construction, alterations, and additions. The Guide is augmented with more than 60 illustrations from the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines, and covers special requirements for businesses, restaurants, medical care facilities, libraries, and much more.


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Pocket Guide to the ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities Download Link

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Pocket Guide to the ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities Ebook Download

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