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Interpreting Exile: Displacement and Deportation in Biblical and Modern Contexts Society of Biblical Literature. Ancient Israel and Its Liter) PDF Download Free

Interpreting Exile: Displacement and Deportation in Biblical and Modern Contexts Society of Biblical Literature. Ancient Israel and Its Liter) PDF Download Free

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Author: N/A
ISBN: 1589836049 / 9781589836044 / 1589836049
Publisher: Society of Biblical Literature
Number Of Pages: 480
Published Date: 2011-10-20
Description: Interpreting Exile considers forced displacement and deportation in ancient Israel and comparable modern contexts in order to offer insight into the realities of war and exile in ancient Israel and their representations in the Hebrew Bible. Introductory essays describe the interdisciplinary and comparative approach and explain how it overcomes methodological dead ends and advances the study of war in ancient and modern contexts. Following essays, written by scholars from various disciplines, explore specific cases drawn from a wide variety of ancient and modern settings and consider archaeological, anthropological, physical, and psychological realities, as well as biblical, literary, artistic, and iconographic representations of displacement and exile. The volume as a whole places Israel s experiences and expressions of forced displacement into the broader context of similar war-related phenomena from multiple contexts. The contributors are Rainer Albertz, Frank Ritchel Ames, Samuel E. Balentine, Bob Becking, Aaron A. Burke, David M. Carr, Marian H. Feldman, David G. Garber Jr., M. Jan Holton, Michael M. Homan, Hugo Kamya, Brad E. Kelle, T. M. Lemos, Nghana Lewis, Oded Lipschits, Christl M. Maier, Amy Meverden, William Morrow, Shelly Rambo, Janet L. Rumfelt, Carolyn J. Sharp, Daniel L. Smith-Christopher, and Jacob L. Wright.


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Interpreting Exile: Displacement and Deportation in Biblical and Modern Contexts Society of Biblical Literature. Ancient Israel and Its Liter) Download Link

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Interpreting Exile: Displacement and Deportation in Biblical and Modern Contexts Society of Biblical Literature. Ancient Israel and Its Liter) Ebook Download

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