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Anywhere With You: A Novella The Happy Endings Resort Book #2) PDF Download Free

Anywhere With You: A Novella The Happy Endings Resort Book #2) PDF Download Free

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Author: Danielle Jamie
Publisher: N/A
Number Of Pages: 139
Published Date: 31/03/2015
Description: Due to Language & adult situations this book is suitable for readers 14+New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Danielle Jamie brings you book 2 in the Happy Endings Resort Series!**This is a STANDALONE novella BUT I may bring you more Killian and Summer down the road.**On her 18th birthday, Summer left her small hometown in Nebraska and never looked back. For the last three years, she’s lived in Southern California, working as a waitress in a small diner and making just enough money to rent a tiny apartment on the Pacific Ocean.Materialistic things never mattered. As long as she had her surf board and her mini Dachshund, Blue, life was good. That is until one day a mysterious and incredibly sexy guy strolled into the diner.Sparks fly instantly between Killian and her. Summer knows immediately after only a weekend together that she's falling in love with him.When Killian asks her to join him on a road trip across the country with no destination in mind, she finds herself setting off on a road trip she’ll never soon forget. **This is Book 2 in The Happy Endings Resort Series. Each book can be read and enjoyed without reading the others but we highly recommend you check out each fun new story that are releasing at the end of every month!***EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT*It isn’t long and Killian has his electric guitar in his hand and he’s center stage at the mic commanding the room. The second he opens his mouth and strums the cords of Ten Tonne Skeleton, the entire room has their eyes on him. To all of our surprise Killian isn’t just good, he’s fricking amazing! Like he should be touring the world kind of good.I officially think that his cover of that song is now my favorite, and I’m so happy I decided to record the performance with my iPhone because I will want to watch it over and over again.Each time he smiles down at me, I can’t help but smile back up at him. He has never looked sexier to me than he does right now. It must be that whole rock star thing he has going on right now as he rocks out on stage in black skinny jeans, military boots and the same Guns N’ Roses tee he was wearing earlier. He’s wearing the same black Hurley hat he was wearing when we first met yesterday. There are girls all lined up along the front of the stage dancing and singing along to each song he sings. But Killian spends the entire hour singing straight to me, making his words from last night ring loudly inside of my head. He sees no one but me when I’m in the room. He looks in his element up there singing to the crowd of party goers. He has them all eating out of the palm of his hand. As I watch him perform the rest of his set though sadness begins to cloud my happy mood. After tonight is over, his time in Newport Beach will be over too. He’ll be back on the road and onto the next town, the next bar, and possibly the next girl.


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Anywhere With You: A Novella The Happy Endings Resort Book #2) Download Link

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Anywhere With You: A Novella The Happy Endings Resort Book #2) Ebook Download

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