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More KnitWits: 20 More fun Projects for Those Who Love to Knit & Purl PDF Download Free

More KnitWits: 20 More fun Projects for Those Who Love to Knit & Purl PDF Download Free

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Author: Katie Boyette
ISBN: 1416206442 / 9781416206446 / 1416206442
Publisher: Sellers Publishing, Inc.
Number Of Pages: 128
Published Date: 2011-08-30
Description: Katie Boyette 's neighbors in Boone, North Carolina typically refer to her as that girl who knits all the time. According to Katie, it is an accurate description. In her second book, More KnitWits, Katie has designed an assortment of 20 more engaging and loveable creatures and, as was noted in the Denver Post in November 2010, about KnitWit, her first book . . . it is a colorful reminder that there's more to make with yarn and sticks than scarves, hats and blankets. New patterns include Flash, the five-eyed, middle age monster who's been told he needs bifocals and Doodle, a rooster who lives to tango.


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More KnitWits: 20 More fun Projects for Those Who Love to Knit & Purl Download Link

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More KnitWits: 20 More fun Projects for Those Who Love to Knit & Purl Ebook Download

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