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An Introduction to English Morphology: Words and Their Structure Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language) PDF Download Free

An Introduction to English Morphology: Words and Their Structure Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language) PDF Download Free

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Author: Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy
ISBN: 0748613269 / 9780748613267 / 0748613269
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Number Of Pages: 151
Published Date: 2001-11-20
Description: What exactly are words? Are they the things that get listed in dictionaries, or are they the basic units of sentence structure? Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy explores the implications of these different approaches to words in English. He explains the various ways in which words are related to one another, and shows how the history of the English language has affected word structure.Topics include: words, sentences and dictionaries; a word and its parts roots and affixes); a word and its forms inflection); a word and its relatives derivation); compound words; word structure; productivity; and the historical sources of English word formation.


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An Introduction to English Morphology: Words and Their Structure Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language) Download Link

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An Introduction to English Morphology: Words and Their Structure Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language) Ebook Download

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