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Romance: A Royal Affair: A Medieval Romance PDF Download Free

Romance: A Royal Affair: A Medieval Romance PDF Download Free

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Author: Caroline Lake
ISBN: B01LKJNO70 / N/A / N/A
Publisher: N/A
Number Of Pages: 280
Published Date: 2016-09-04
Description: Includes 2 free bonus books!!!To be a queen you must have poise, grace, and an innate ability to hide your true feelings. While everybody wants to be the Queen, Emeline is stuck in the never ending, exhausting position. Then one day, fate intervenes. A little risk opens up new opportunities and suddenly everything forbidden is calling to her, so close she can touch it. The only thing that could prevent it, a rugged assassin that’s frustrating, unpredictable, and good at his job.Playing with shadows is a dangerous game, no palace walls or royal guard can keep them out and Emeline may find herself paying the ultimate price for treason. But then, isn’t the freedom worth the gamble?


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Romance: A Royal Affair: A Medieval Romance Download Link

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Romance: A Royal Affair: A Medieval Romance Ebook Download

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