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Renegade World: Book I PDF Download Free

Renegade World: Book I PDF Download Free

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Author: GD Patten
Publisher: G.D. Patten
Number Of Pages: 477
Published Date: 2014-11-08
Description: Time travel, genetic engineering, nanotech, and artificial intelligence appear normal for the enhanced humans from the future, but what on Earth are the aliens up to?Naami, a renegade visionary from the future, leads a small team back in time to 1505 to change history. How does her vision impact Mohkave, the third son of a respected chief, who knows he is a disappointment to his father? On the brink of manhood, he desperately seeks a vision. Perhaps neither of them really controls their own destiny while aliens secretly meddle in human affairs. Avram and Lilith have been secretly manipulating humans for millennia, but with different goals. Avram is the better shapeshifter, but Lilith has the power to hypnotize humans. What are their endgames?Renegade World, the first book in a series of Sci-Fi, Alternative History


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Renegade World: Book I Ebook Download

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