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Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving PDF Download Free

Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving PDF Download Free

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Author: Alex Brylske
ISBN: 187866302X / 9781878663023 / 187866302X
Publisher: Padi Headquarters
Number Of Pages: 371
Published Date: 1988-12
Description: While the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving is a very informative book, it is not the heavy reading that one might expect from a PADI manual. The terminoligy and concepts covered in this book nicely suppliment what one learns throughout the recreational diving classes -- novice open water dives, advanced techniques, underwater navigation, and rescue techniques.I recommend this for divers who have gone through open water and advanced classes and even Rescue), feeling that they did not get all they could out of the classes and textbook. This book is a must for those wishing to seek a professional dive rating divemaster and higher), or pursue technical dive certifications.


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Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving Ebook Download

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