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Never Before-Heard Answers from the Akashic Records - Autism, Area 51, the Boston Bombing, Crime, Frequency, GMOs, Hairloss, Hitler, Jesus, Reptiles, Souls, ... Economy The Honest-to-God Series Book 2) PDF Download Free

Never Before-Heard Answers from the Akashic Records - Autism, Area 51, the Boston Bombing, Crime, Frequency, GMOs, Hairloss, Hitler, Jesus, Reptiles, Souls, ... Economy The Honest-to-God Series Book 2) PDF Download Free

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Author: Aingeal Rose
ISBN: B00E21KA58 / N/A / N/A
Publisher: Twin Flame Productions LLC
Number Of Pages: 47
Published Date: 2013-12-03
Description: INSIDE: Get FREE Akashic Records Summaries and PDF version! That's right - Order this Book and get ALL the summaries we call them Profundities) of every session, every week totally FREE and receive this book in pdf format too!) READER REVIEWS Aingeal Rose & AHONU, you are the best teachers ever. I have learned so much from the Akashic Records sessions and from studying with you. I love reading your Akashic Records summaries because they reassure me I am not mad! As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine & Teacher of Esoteric Studies, it is wonderful to have this help to continue with my own growth. The benefits I have received with Aingeal Rose and AHONU are really immeasurable! Great books! Great sessions! All of them! From Bestselling A Time of Change Author Aingeal Rose and Visionary Artist AHONU In this book Answers From The Akashic Records - Never before-heard answers from the Akashic Records , Akashic Records Authorities and Best-Selling authors Aingeal Rose & AHONU answer big questions about: Autism, Amelia Earhart, Area 51 The Boston Bombing, Crime, Frequency, GMOs Hairloss, Hitler, Jesus Reptiles, Soul Levels, Uprisings and the US Economy And if you loved this book, you'll want to download the essential companion volumes - Volume 1 of Answers From The Akashic Records - it has answers about Chemtrails, Drugs, EMFs, Entities, Healing, Paradise Earth, Pulsing, Suicide and Time. Ever asked yourself who am I? or why am I here ? Ever wanted to know was Jesus married, what isKarma, do plants or animals have souls, do ETs exist, are spirits perfect, are we in end-times, do we choose our parents, is suicide forgiven? This series answers all these questions and thousands more. Since late 2009 world-renowned authors, speakers, radio hosts and teachers Aingeal Rose USA) and AHONU Ireland) have been getting answers to these big questions about healing, life after death, religion, science, UFOs, GMOs, EMFs, relationships, soul contracts, world economies and countless other topics, all down-stepped from the Akashic Records. Aingeal Rose's work with the Akashic Records East Coast Radio with George Noory Et al.) became the basis of her books in the 10-book Honest-to-God Series; A Time of Change atimeofchange.info) and The Nature of Reality thenatureofreality.info) are the first two. So, if you need answers to these big questions, look no further! This book is only available on Amazon and for a short time, it's on sale right now... but for a limited time. Order your copy today and start reading instantly.


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Never Before-Heard Answers from the Akashic Records - Autism, Area 51, the Boston Bombing, Crime, Frequency, GMOs, Hairloss, Hitler, Jesus, Reptiles, Souls, ... Economy The Honest-to-God Series Book 2) Download Link

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Never Before-Heard Answers from the Akashic Records - Autism, Area 51, the Boston Bombing, Crime, Frequency, GMOs, Hairloss, Hitler, Jesus, Reptiles, Souls, ... Economy The Honest-to-God Series Book 2) Ebook Download

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