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Intercity Passenger Rail: Amtrak's Progress in Improving Its Financial Condition Has Been Mixed: Rced-99-181 PDF Download Free

Intercity Passenger Rail: Amtrak's Progress in Improving Its Financial Condition Has Been Mixed: Rced-99-181 PDF Download Free

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Author: N/A
ISBN: 1289050546 / 9781289050542 / 1289050546
Publisher: BiblioGov
Number Of Pages: 34
Published Date: 2013-06-27
Description: The U.S. Government Accountability Office GAO) is an independent agency that works for Congress. The GAO watches over Congress, and investigates how the federal government spends taxpayers dollars. The Comptroller General of the United States is the leader of the GAO, and is appointed to a 15-year term by the U.S. President. The GAO wants to support Congress, while at the same time doing right by the citizens of the United States. They audit, investigate, perform analyses, issue legal decisions and report anything that the government is doing. This is one of their reports.


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Intercity Passenger Rail: Amtrak's Progress in Improving Its Financial Condition Has Been Mixed: Rced-99-181 Download Link

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Intercity Passenger Rail: Amtrak's Progress in Improving Its Financial Condition Has Been Mixed: Rced-99-181 Ebook Download

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