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Ready, Set, Cooperate PDF Download Free

Ready, Set, Cooperate PDF Download Free

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Author: Marlene Barron
ISBN: 047110275X / 9780471102755 / 047110275X
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Number Of Pages: 160
Published Date: 1996-02-21
Description: Start together on a lifetime of learning-- the greatest gift you can give your child A special greeting for a guest...a new way of looking at a familiar fairy tale...a day of exploration around your town. These simple experiences and activities help your child understand how to get along with family, friends, and neighbors--from around the block to around the world. Early childhood education specialist Marlene Barron shows you how to stimulate your child's natural desire to relate to others with 60 imaginative and entertaining activities. Each one is: * Inspired by the internationally renowned Montessori approach to education * Developed especially for children ages 3 to 7 * Aimed at achieving specific objectives, such as understanding basic social skills, learning about diverse cultures, and developing an appreciation of history and the arts * Readily upgraded to keep pace with your child's progress * Easy to do and loads of fun! The Ready, Set, Learn series was created to help parents and children explore concepts and develop skills necessary to succeed in school. In addition to dozens of activities, each book contains a substantial overview explaining children's developmental needs. Also available in the Ready, Set, Learn series: Ready, Set, Read and Write; Ready, Set, Count; and Ready, Set, Explore. Marlene Barron's special understanding of people--children, parents, teachers--has led to these very special books. The activities here will allow children to construct a deeper, more complex understanding of their world and will be fun for both parent and child. I recommend these books to anyone who works with children. --John Chattin-McNichols, Ph.D. Associate Professor, School of Education, Seattle University; Vice President, American Montessori Society


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