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Durability of Concrete: Design and Construction Modern Concrete Technology) PDF Download Free

Durability of Concrete: Design and Construction Modern Concrete Technology) PDF Download Free

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Author: Sidney Mindess
ISBN: 1482237253 / 9781482237252 / 1482237253
Publisher: CRC Press
Number Of Pages: 256
Published Date: 2016-09-15
Description: This book provides an up-to-date survey of durability issues, with a particular focus on specification and design, and how to achieve durability in actual concrete construction. It is aimed at the practising engineer, but is also a valuable resource for graduate-level programs in universities. Along with background to current philosophies it gathers together in one useful reference a summary of current knowledge on concrete durability, includes information on modern concrete materials, and shows how these materials can be combined to produce durable concrete. The approach is consistent with the increasing focus on sustainability that is being addressed by the concrete industry, with the current emphasis on ‘design for durability’.


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Durability of Concrete: Design and Construction Modern Concrete Technology) Download Link

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Durability of Concrete: Design and Construction Modern Concrete Technology) Ebook Download

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