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Payment Deferred: A stolen bequest divides a family until an eventful reunion. PDF Download Free

Payment Deferred: A stolen bequest divides a family until an eventful reunion. PDF Download Free

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Author: Jan Vivian
ISBN: 1434311783 / 9781434311788 / 1434311783
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Number Of Pages: 384
Published Date: 2007-07-31
Description: John Kahn, a Vietnam War Veteran, is a wealthy businessman with political ambitions. He expends time and energy, not his money, on the pursuit of the Mayoralty of New York but he chooses the hard way; he decides to stand as an Independence Party candidate. His family, with its origins in The Netherlands, is well connected and New York has been their home for over one hundred eventful years. From modest beginnings the Kahn's have built a business empire that now encompasses property, retail stores, medicines and beauty products. America, to John Kahn's forebears, was the land of opportunity and they have prospered. The passing of the years has softened the hurt of a divided family, in the United States. Only, the broad sweep of the Atlantic Ocean and a distant family's apparent indifference to a stolen bequest, the foundation of all that the Kahns of New York now enjoy, is no defence when relatives from Amsterdam, strangers until one eventful moment, come knocking at his door.


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Payment Deferred: A stolen bequest divides a family until an eventful reunion. Download Link

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Payment Deferred: A stolen bequest divides a family until an eventful reunion. Ebook Download

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