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Invitation to Globalogy: An Alien Perspective PDF Download Free

Invitation to Globalogy: An Alien Perspective PDF Download Free

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Author: Pat Lauderdale
ISBN: B01L2JSY46 / N/A / N/A
Publisher: SRI Press
Number Of Pages: 127
Published Date: 2016-08-25
Description: Globalogy reveals that the Earth’s global community — flora and fauna, including humans — has moved into new and possibly dangerous territory. The best way to explore this new territory is from a global perspective. This book presents a refreshing analysis of the intersections among consumerism, education, drug consumption, wars, and neoliberalism, the symbiotic connections among these areas and the current climate change of the planet. The text is rooted in exploring factual realities of these important issues and intersections as the authors give us a unique interdisciplinary global view.


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Invitation to Globalogy: An Alien Perspective Ebook Download

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