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Cowboys and Caudillos: Frontier Ideology of the Americas PDF Download Free

Cowboys and Caudillos: Frontier Ideology of the Americas PDF Download Free

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Author: Tom R. Sullivan
ISBN: 0879724846 / 9780879724849 / 0879724846
Publisher: Popular Press 1
Number Of Pages: 184
Published Date: 1990-01-01
Description: Suggesting that better understanding of conflicts between Anglo and Latin America can come from the study of their contrasting popular fictions, the author compares the traditional attachment in Latin America to government by a strong man—a caudillo—to the diametrically opposed expansionist frontier ideology of the United States—the cowboy—who makes space safe for Anglo colonization.


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Cowboys and Caudillos: Frontier Ideology of the Americas Download Link

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Cowboys and Caudillos: Frontier Ideology of the Americas Ebook Download

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