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It's a Long Shot!: And Other Strange Sayings) Sayings and Phrases) PDF Download Free

It's a Long Shot!: And Other Strange Sayings) Sayings and Phrases) PDF Download Free

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Author: Cynthia Amoroso
ISBN: 160253683X / 9781602536838 / 160253683X
Publisher: Child's World
Number Of Pages: 24
Published Date: 2011-01-01
Description: Thanks to whimsical illustrations and everyday examples, kids can finally discover the true meanings behind some of the world's strangest idioms, such as 'It's a long shot.'


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It's a Long Shot!: And Other Strange Sayings) Sayings and Phrases) Download Link

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It's a Long Shot!: And Other Strange Sayings) Sayings and Phrases) Ebook Download

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