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Hear Me: A psychological thriller. PDF Download Free

Hear Me: A psychological thriller. PDF Download Free

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Author: Luís Filipe Alves
Publisher: N/A
Number Of Pages: 63
Published Date: 2014-11-09
Description: For a limited time, you can get THREE FREE BOOKS by signing up for the author's newsletter. Check inside this book for details!Punishment has a Voice.Joana and Gonçalo are married. But their marriage is far from perfect.The tragedy of their daughter’s death has pushed them apart, to the point that they can barely communicate. Yet Joana and Gonçalo are still married.Then the Voice appears, a voice that only Gonçalo seems to hear. Convinced their dead daughter is reaching out to him from beyond, Gonçalo becomes obsessed with decoding the Voice's message.An obsession that forces both of them to confront the real forces that keep them together, and what they truly felt about each other and their daughter. And the truth behind the Voice will push them towards a fate they never wanted, and could never have guessed. Joana and Gonçalo are married.For now.


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Hear Me: A psychological thriller. Download Link

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Hear Me: A psychological thriller. Ebook Download

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