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Knowsys 2016 SAT Vocabulary Flashcards PDF Download Free

Knowsys 2016 SAT Vocabulary Flashcards PDF Download Free

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Author: Knowsys Educational Services LLC
ISBN: 1940362199 / 9781940362199 / 1940362199
Publisher: Knowsys Educational Services LLC
Number Of Pages: 303
Published Date: 2015
Description: 300 SAT Vocabulary Words You Need to Know! The Knowsys 2016 SAT Vocabulary Flashcards will help you maximize your score on the newly-formatted SAT starting March 2016), the newly-formatted PSAT starting October 2015), and the ACT in just a few minutes a day! To help you maximize your score, you need to know the words that are tested and missed!) most frequently AND you need a way to master them as quickly and easily as possible. Fortunately for you, Knowsys has exactly what you need! Just the vital vocabulary words! Knowsys has the top 300 SAT words that you need to know. . . . Plus, if you want even more words for the new SAT and PSAT, check our PSAT Flashcards to get you to the next level! Knowsys gives you the words that are frequently tested and missed and ONLY those words! The Knowsys 2016 SAT Vocabulary Flashcards list is not padded with unnecessary words that waste your valuable study time and energy. We know that the best way to raise your score is to be prepared for what actually gets tested doing anything else is like studying Algebra I to prepare for a Calculus exam . . . . It just doesn't make sense!). The fastest way to learn! Knowsys groups the words into thematic categories to help you learn faster using synonym groups like different and emotion and effort. Not only does this method help you master the words faster, but it also helps you get the words into your long-term memory! The Knowsys cards give you the control. You use Knowsys's proprietary Memory Box System to track your learning progress so that you only spend time working on words that you have not yet mastered.


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Knowsys 2016 SAT Vocabulary Flashcards Ebook Download

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