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Archangel Metatron Speaks PDF Download Free

Archangel Metatron Speaks PDF Download Free

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Author: Catherine Kapahi
ISBN: B00ZYT1VD2 / N/A / N/A
Publisher: Sai Channeled Book Company
Number Of Pages: 71
Published Date: 2015-06-17
Description: Archangel Metatron is the foremost of all the Archangels serving the Hierarchy and Plan of evolution of planet earth. He is responsible for creating crystalline merkabas or light bodies for human beings. Over the past millenia human light bodies have been damaged and over laden with negative energies, entities and conditioning. Most merkabas barely move with the result that human beings are unable to ascend to the magnificent state of Christ Consciousness and beyond as they were meant to do.Archangel Metatron describes in simple easy to understand words, the structure of the human lightbody and the process of ascension for human beings that would allow them God realization and manifestation.


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Archangel Metatron Speaks Ebook Download

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