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The Inscrutable Mr. Elizabeth PDF Download Free

The Inscrutable Mr. Elizabeth PDF Download Free

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Author: Marlene Leach
ISBN: 1935226584 / 9781935226581 / 1935226584
Publisher: Spinsters Ink
Number Of Pages: 288
Published Date: 2013-03-05
Description: “Mr.†Elizabeth is herself a paradox. A former NSA agent trained in psychic controlled remote viewing, she makes her living as a part-time bounty hunter. She has crafted an otherwise quiet life for herself in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is a life to which she happily retreats after each hunt and capture, a process that takes her deep into the mind of her prey. That is, until she is called to find L., a mysterious and disturbing female serial killer. But L. too has psychic abilities and though untrained, is aware of Mr. Elizabeth’s presence. In New York City the search brings them together. Only then do they find that they have been manipulated and have both been “captured†by the Organization that first recruited and forced Elizabeth to use her psychic skills – for their purposes. Now Elizabeth is to train L., so that the Organization can use her powerful abilities. An unlikely alliance forms between the two women as they plot and then escape, a bond that grows stronger as they attempt to elude the forces of the Organization.However, the secrets between the two women grow even stranger as they begin to realize that neither of them are who they believe. Only after capture is a deadly secret revealed – one that will either destroy Elizabeth or heal her. And it is the very Organization that has played with her that will be the source of her salvation.


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The Inscrutable Mr. Elizabeth Ebook Download

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