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Fair Play All's Fair Book 2) PDF Download Free

Fair Play All's Fair Book 2) PDF Download Free

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Author: Josh Lanyon
ISBN: B00KV5Z7M0 / N/A / N/A
Publisher: Carina Press
Number Of Pages: 199
Published Date: 2014-11-10
Description: Fifty years ago, Roland Mills belonged to a violent activist group. Now, someone is willing to kill to prevent him from publishing his memoirs.When ex-FBI agent Elliot Mills is called out to examine the charred ruins of his childhood home, he quickly identifies the fire for what it is—arson. A knee injury may have forced Elliot out of the Bureau, but it's not going to stop him from bringing the man who wants his father dead to justice.Agent Tucker Lance is still working to find the serial killer who's obsessed with Elliot and can't bear the thought of his lover putting himself in additional danger. Straightlaced Tucker has never agreed with radical Roland on much— opposing political viewpoints is an understatement—but they're united on this: Elliot needs to leave the case alone. Now.Tucker would do nearly anything for the man he loves, but he won't be used to gain Elliot access to the FBI's resources. When the past comes back to play and everything both men had known to be true is questioned, their fragile relationship is left hanging in the balance.See how Tucker and Elliot's relationship began in Fair Game68,000 words


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Fair Play All's Fair Book 2) Ebook Download

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