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Accommodating Diversity: Ideas and Institutional Practices PDF Download Free

Accommodating Diversity: Ideas and Institutional Practices PDF Download Free

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Author: Gurpreet Mahajan
ISBN: 0198075030 / 9780198075035 / 0198075030
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Number Of Pages: 384
Published Date: 2012-01-12
Description: How does the presence of diversity impact our understanding of society and formulation of adequate policies? This collection examines the Indian experience of diversity by delineating the policies and institutional arrangements that have been designed to accommodate different kinds of diversities, and highlighting the problems that the chosen path has yielded. The issues being examined include the Uniform Civil Code, the State's patronage of languages, affirmative action in educational institutions, and minority participation in electoral politics. So far, the notion of multiculturalism has been addressed by theories that have emerged from Western societies. This volume marks a step in the direction of rethinking such questions in the Indian context.


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Accommodating Diversity: Ideas and Institutional Practices Ebook Download

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