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Talking Parakeets Budgies) - Complete Manual on Their Care, Training and Breeding PDF Download Free

Talking Parakeets Budgies) - Complete Manual on Their Care, Training and Breeding PDF Download Free

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Author: Milton R. North
ISBN: 1447410246 / 9781447410249 / 1447410246
Publisher: Jennings Press
Number Of Pages: 38
Published Date: 2015-05-21
Description: This text contains a complete yet concise treatise on owning parakeets for beginner and advanced breeders, covering every aspect of their keeping from breeding to training, and everything in between. A great addition to any collection of avicultural literature, this text is not to be missed by parakeet enthusiasts. The chapters contained within this book include: History, Description, Training, Taming, Talking, Feeding, General Care, Breeding, and Color Breeding. Many antique books such as this are increasingly rare and costly, and we are proud to republish this book now complete with a new introduction on aviculture and in the hope that the information contained herein can be of use to discerning readers for years to come.


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Talking Parakeets Budgies) - Complete Manual on Their Care, Training and Breeding Download Link

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Talking Parakeets Budgies) - Complete Manual on Their Care, Training and Breeding Ebook Download

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