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DNA Mismatch Repair and Checkpoint System during Meiosis PDF Download Free

DNA Mismatch Repair and Checkpoint System during Meiosis PDF Download Free

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Author: Lin Sun
ISBN: 3659642223 / 9783659642227 / 3659642223
Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Number Of Pages: 112
Published Date: 2014-12-01
Description: T. thermophila is a good model organism for DNA mismatch repair MMR) research. Its big single-cell body makes it easy to determine the change of chromosomes. Its conjugation mating) is inducible, which is an advantage for studying protein functions during meiosis. MMR elevates DNA replication fidelity. Checkpoint systems maintain genomic integrity within the cell cycle. If a certain level of DNA damage has been accumulated from the replication process or from DNA damaging agents, the cell cycle will be arrested to allow checking and repairing of the damage. There are mitotic checkpoints and meiotic checkpoints. However, the mechanism of meiotic checkpoint systems is still uncertain. In this book, the relation between meiotic checkpoint and DNA MMR has been studied in T. thermophila, which is interesting in understanding the meiotic checkpoint system in eukaryotes.


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DNA Mismatch Repair and Checkpoint System during Meiosis Download Link

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DNA Mismatch Repair and Checkpoint System during Meiosis Ebook Download

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