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The Privateer 2: AN HONEST LIVING colonies, Inc.) PDF Download Free

The Privateer 2: AN HONEST LIVING colonies, Inc.) PDF Download Free

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Author: William Zellmann
Publisher: N/A
Number Of Pages: 355
Published Date: 2014-01-17
Description: In The Privateer, John Smith fled the life of a pirate, pursued by his former associates. He became Cale Rankin, bought a spaceborne scrapyard, Met a beautiful woman and fell in love, and a friend who helped them win a war and save a planet. Now he, his new wife and some friends have formed Colonies, Inc., and they specialize in finding homes for people desperate to flee uncertain futures. And their first customers are from Santiago, the planet they just defeated in the Junkyard War.The Empire disowned Jumbo in a particularly unsavory manner, touching off riots that destroyed civilization on that planet within weeks. Can a group of peaceful farmers find paradise on a planet that destroyed its own civilization 500 years ago? Even if they survive the dinosaur-mounted knights and the murderous savages that have kept mankind confined to a few thousand square miles of small, primitive villages and farms, there's still the renegade Santiagan general and his 300 crack troops! This time the action is planet-bound, with medieval warlords, murderous savages, equally murderous special operations forces with state of the art weapons! It's thirtieth-century weapons and tactics vs. crossbows and cavalry! It's not as easy as Cale thinks to make AN HONEST LIVING! More exciting space opera from William Zellmann!


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The Privateer 2: AN HONEST LIVING colonies, Inc.) Download Link

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The Privateer 2: AN HONEST LIVING colonies, Inc.) Ebook Download

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