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Heaven in Our Hands: Living the Beatitudes: Receiving the Blessings You Long For PDF Download Free

Heaven in Our Hands: Living the Beatitudes: Receiving the Blessings You Long For PDF Download Free

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Author: Benedict J. Groeschel C.F.R.
ISBN: 0892838132 / 9780892838134 / 0892838132
Publisher: Servant
Number Of Pages: 194
Published Date: 1994-08-30
Description: Father Benedict Groeschel believes that we've lost touch with how revolutionary the Beatitudes really are! The plain but astounding truth is that the Beatitudes reveal to us the very heart of God. When you begin to comprehend the beauty of living the Beatitudes that Jesus gave us, you'll discover that he's placed heaven in our hands. 


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Heaven in Our Hands: Living the Beatitudes: Receiving the Blessings You Long For Download Link

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Heaven in Our Hands: Living the Beatitudes: Receiving the Blessings You Long For Ebook Download

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