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James Clerk Maxwell: A Commemoration Volume 1831-1931 PDF Download Free

James Clerk Maxwell: A Commemoration Volume 1831-1931 PDF Download Free

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Author: N/A
ISBN: 1107670950 / 9781107670952 / 1107670950
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Number Of Pages: 156
Published Date: 2012-03-22
Description: Originally published in 1931, this volume was created to mark the centenary of James Clerk Maxwell's birth. Comprised of ten essays dealing with various aspects of Maxwell's life and achievements, the text includes contributions from the following figures: J. J. Thomson; Max Planck; Albert Einstein; Joseph Larmor; James Jeans; William Garnett; Ambrose Fleming; Oliver Lodge; Richard Glazebrook; Horace Lamb. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in Maxwell and his key role in the development of physics and mathematics.


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James Clerk Maxwell: A Commemoration Volume 1831-1931 Download Link

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James Clerk Maxwell: A Commemoration Volume 1831-1931 Ebook Download

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