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Stalking The Healthful Herbs 19660101) PDF Download Free

Stalking The Healthful Herbs 19660101) PDF Download Free

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Author: Euell Gibbons
ISBN: 0911469060 / 9780911469066 / 0911469060
Publisher: Alan C. Hood
Number Of Pages: 301
Published Date: 1966
Description: Here Euell Gibbons shows the reader how to enjoy the culinary and medicinal virtues of herbs and wild plants. Drawn from the author's wide knowledge of plants as well as from the lore of native Americans and early settlers, the information is supplemented by nutritionists at Pennsylvania State University who worked with Gibbons on analysis of the entries.


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Stalking The Healthful Herbs 19660101) Download Link

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Stalking The Healthful Herbs 19660101) Ebook Download

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