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Amateur Radio HF Antennas: Book One An Introduction PDF Download Free

Amateur Radio HF Antennas: Book One An Introduction PDF Download Free

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Author: Claude Jollet
ISBN: B015RKO9R2 / N/A / N/A
Publisher: Claude Jollet VE2DPE
Number Of Pages: 22
Published Date: 2015-09-23
Description: What stands between you, the amateur radio operator, and all the other amateur radio operators in the world? Antennas. Yours, theirs…and propagation conditions between. In other words, you can have the most advanced transceiver, coupled with the most powerful amplifier on the market, if you know too little about how antenna systems work and about radio wave propagation, you risk spending your time and money for naught. This e-book is the first of a series on HF antennas. Together, they will help ensure that you turn the situation around to your advantage.


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Amateur Radio HF Antennas: Book One An Introduction Download Link

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Amateur Radio HF Antennas: Book One An Introduction Ebook Download

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