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Murder at the Cubbyhole PDF Download Free

Murder at the Cubbyhole PDF Download Free

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Author: Alice Zogg
ISBN: 159330756X / 9781593307561 / 159330756X
Publisher: Aventine Press
Number Of Pages: 212
Published Date: 15/02/2012
Description: This clever tale is the eighth in Alice Zogg's R. A. Huber Mystery Series. Who killed the aspiring young actress, Megan Maguire, and just as importantly, why? Megan's parents hire R. A. Huber to find out. The seasoned sleuth and her spunky assistant Andi set about to unravel the obscure reason for the murder. The young victim's short life had revolved around an amateur theater group where she had played the lead character role of Vanity in the play From Sin to Virtue. Among the murder suspects are the young woman's roommate, her employer, the owners of the Cubbyhole Theater, her acting instructor, and several of her fellow cast members, including the director. There is also Megan's old boyfriend to consider, and the investigating pair cannot rule out her parents. Gradually, the mystery evolves and comes to a climax when Huber and Andi put their own lives on the line in order to corner the villain.


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