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Secrets to Being A Super Grandparent PDF Download Free

Secrets to Being A Super Grandparent PDF Download Free

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Author: Dr. Judith Rolfs
ISBN: 149447607X / 9781494476076 / 149447607X
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Number Of Pages: 94
Published Date: 2013-12-12
Description: Grandparents want to grandparent well because they sense their responsibility for these little lives is huge. They want as much interaction as possible without interfering with the role of their parents. And they want to make time with grandchildren count! As a professional marriage and family counselor, Dr. Judith Rolfs, author of Secrets To Being A Super Grandparent, realizes grandparents have a whole new role and relationship to figure out. Grandparenting is easier in some ways than parenting, usually there is less responsibility, but it's harder, too, because there's less control and no clear agenda. Rolfs adds a little structure to the process with this idea-packed book for enriching times together. Rolfs says, It's easy to miss out on the joyful time to enjoy grandchildren if you don't have a plan for what you'll do. This book is full of ideas for conversation topics, important lessons to teach in fun ways, stories to inspire.  Grandparents can be a beautiful reflection of God's generous love that grandchildren need and long for. These aren't just sappy words, but true. Grandparents are vitally important in the family because you give what grandchildren need - companionship with adults who find them fascinating and lovable. Often parents lack the time and energy to devote as much individual attention to their children as they'd like. The author says: You can radiate a different view of life through the window of your maturity. You've managed to survive life's hustle-bustle monster and hopefully learned to tame it a bit. The key is to dote on grandchildren and teach them to honor God and develop self-esteem without making them arrogant or spoiled. Every grandparent is in a great position to focus on the soul needs of grandchildren. Being a super grandparent can be greatly facilitated by praying for God's wisdom in your interactions. Then make your best effort relying on His help along the way. He has even more invested in your beloved grandchildren than you. The goal is the same today: to make sure grandchildren know God is real and loves them wildly and to support their parents in instilling moral values in these little souls. Your time with grandchildren may be occasional visits or daily involvement. Whatever, you can know the pleasure of purposefully touching their lives for eternity. Children have souls, bodies, and minds that must be shaped to function in the world. You can help them learn courtesy and good manners and how to appreciate and use the special talents and gifts God has given them. Be assured God had His reasons for choosing each grandparent of their offspring, just as He selected each parent of children. As imperfect as you may be, you can make a powerful impact on these little lives. Pray for wisdom to do the best job possible in this role. James 1:5 If anyone lacks wisdom let him ask it of God, who gives generously and graciously to all who ask. You can warn grandchildren of obstacles seen through your eyes of experience and pray they'll listen. You can teach grandchildren to become warm, loving human beings. At the same time you can help grandchildren develop a sense of wonder that stays alive until they're old and gray. This requires maintaining your own sense of wonder and joy. Secrets To Being A Super Grandparent will help you enjoy many special outrageously fun activities during this delightful stage of life with the precious next generation of your family. You want to do all these things, now here's how to! Order Secrets To Being A Super Grandparent now. Click on the order button.


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Secrets to Being A Super Grandparent Ebook Download

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