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Lime Mortar: A Traditional Building Craft PDF Download Free

Lime Mortar: A Traditional Building Craft PDF Download Free

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Author: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
ISBN: 193567756X / 9781935677567 / 193567756X
Publisher: Mapin Publishing Gp Pty Ltd
Number Of Pages: 96
Published Date: 2017-03-25
Description: Prior to the invention of cement, lime mortar was the predominant building material for the monumental buildings in India. Following modern building practices, disruption of traditional conservation systems and availability of cement in the 20th century, most buildings were repaired with cement. Though these repairs were carried out in good intention they accelerated the decay process.Use of lime mortar in conservation works is essential as it is the original building material and, if well prepared, lime mortar survives for centuries as it returns to its natural state of limestone. The volume relays the knowledge accumulated through training workshops - attended by conservation professionals from across India - to engineers, conservation professionals, architects in an illustrated manner. It provides technical advice on the production, application, and post application care of lime mortar, and establish best practices.Published in association with Aga Khan Trust for Culture, New Delhi.


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Lime Mortar: A Traditional Building Craft Ebook Download

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