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Aliens #25: Incubation/Lucky/Taste PDF Download Free

Aliens #25: Incubation/Lucky/Taste PDF Download Free

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Author: Edward Martin III
ISBN: B01662T7BS / N/A / N/A
Publisher: Dark Horse
Number Of Pages: 29
Published Date: 2015-10-07
Description: Three stories of Aliens horror! A desperate message to someone . . . anyone . . . tells a story of an extraterrestrial spacecraft invaded by killer Aliens. But the craft was not from Earth, and its destination is much, too much, closer to home. Incubation written by comics superstar Ron Marz and illustrated by the legendary Bernie Wrightson. Then, two twisted Aliens tales featuring the deadly sin of greed . . . and gluttony. Lucky reunites the first Aliens comics creative team, screenwriter Mark Verheiden The Mask, Falling Skies) and artist Mark A. Nelson, who also illustrates Taste.


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Aliens #25: Incubation/Lucky/Taste Ebook Download

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