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Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Classroom: A very practical guide for teachers and lecturers PDF Download Free

Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Classroom: A very practical guide for teachers and lecturers PDF Download Free

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Author: Matt Jarvis
ISBN: 0415640504 / 9780415640503 / 0415640504
Publisher: Routledge
Number Of Pages: 186
Published Date: 2014-08-07
Description: Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Classroom is a totally practical, hands-on guide to using ICT in and around the classroom for all secondary school teachers and lecturers in post-compulsory education. Assuming no prior expertise, it centres on software and resources that are free or very low cost, and offers step-by-step guidance and creative ideas to improve the experience and engagement of your students. With a focus on what tools to use, what educational need they satisfy and how to incorporate them into good pedagogy, key topics covered include: Effective use of presentation technologies Using, producing and sharing multimedia Interactive whiteboards and related technologies Using Web 2.0 technologies Mobile learning Supporting diverse student needs through technology. Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Classroom puts equal emphasis on both technical and pedagogical issues, making it the ideal companion whatever your ICT or e-learning needs. Catering equally well for Windows, Mac and Linux users, this book is designed to give you all the confidence you need to start teaching brilliantly with ICT.


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Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Classroom: A very practical guide for teachers and lecturers Download Link

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Brilliant Ideas for Using ICT in the Classroom: A very practical guide for teachers and lecturers Ebook Download

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